Auxiliary DC cabinet

Reliable operation
and affordable price

  • Delivered as a complete unit and does not require any additional devices or components
  • Maximum acceleration of installation on site thanks to the option of delivery
    of auxiliary DC cabinet assembled
  • Service life of min. 10 years
  • «Hot replacement» of power units without disconnecting consumers
  • Optimal dimensions

Manufactured according to
GOST IEC 61439-1 and GOST Р 51321.1

Cost calculator Auxiliary DC cabinet ION

Capacity of rechargeable batteries, Ah:

Charger output current (general), А:

More parameters

Cost of auxiliary DC cabinet acc. to price list (with VAT):

Delivery terms: 14 days

Delivery terms: 28 days

Guarantee: 12 months


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Installation and delivery

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Control cabinet and battery unit cabinet can be placed individually, which is important in case of small size of the TS premises.

Customized solutions

Thanks to the modular design, parameters of the cabinet can be easily adapted to the customer's requirements.

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A heating system can be provided for elimination of condensation

Installation of forced ventilation panels is possible

Changing the number and ratings of output circuit breakers

Changing the power rating of the rectifier system


  • Automatic adjustment of recharge voltage depending on temperature increases battery life and improves battery efficiency.
  • Possibility to charge the batteries with stabilized current and stabilized voltage, which contributes to the reliability of the entire system.
  • In the event of an emergency situation, a sound alarm is triggered.
  • Auxiliary DC cabinet ION does not create noise pollution and provides comfortable working conditions for the personnel.
  • Operation of all cabinet systems both from external mains and from batteries.
  • Auxiliary DC cabinet ION is protected against overloads and short circuits on inputs and outgoing lines.

Features of auxiliary DC cabinet ION


  • The device design allows automatic current equalization between the connected modules, ensuring voltage stability when the load increases.
  • Insulation monitoring for preventive diagnosis of current leakage.
  • Multi-level battery charging system has high efficiency and stable battery charging parameters.
  • Space-saving design thanks to the use of modular chargers and maintenance-free batteries with front connection.
  • Sending the status of the output circuit breakers and the necessary signals on the external terminal block.

Features of auxiliary DC cabinet ION


  • High-performance controllers are used to control the operation of the charger power modules. They provide both control (load distribution over the modules) and collection of necessary information, which is displayed on the graphics touch screen.
  • The cabinet body is made of 1.5-2 mm thick sheet metal; the cabinet is painted with powder paint and features IP 20 protection degree.
  • The chargers are cooled naturally (without a fan).
  • Marking
  • Optimal dimensions 600х600х2000
  • Controlling the position of the main circuit breakers.

Features of auxiliary DC cabinet ION

Description and specifications


DC circuits are powered from rectifier (recharging) devices and the built-in rechargeable battery. The auxiliary DC cabinet itself is powered from two independent sources (auxiliary sections).


Auxiliary DC cabinet is designed for operation indoors, at the altitude not higher than 1000 m above sea level, with no vibration or impacts. The operating position of the auxiliary DC cabinet is vertical.


Auxiliary DC cabinet with capacity of up to 35 A/h consists of one cabinet; with capacity of over 50 to 100 A/h - of two connected cabinets.


It is possible to organize parallel running of several auxiliary DC cabinets
with racking of batteries
in a separate premise.

The design provides for 3 versions of batteries - lead-acid, gel and Li-ion

The chargers are cooled naturally (without a fan)

Стандартные характеристики









Number of inputs, pcs.


Input voltage, V

~ 380

Grounding system


Charger output current, А


Output voltage, V

= 220

Number of charger modules


Charger module cooling system


Output current of one module, А


Casing version


Dimensions WхDхH, mm

2 cabinets 600х600х2100

Cable input/output

From below/From above

IP protection class acc. to IEC 60 529:

Up to IP54

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